N.D.T. METALS Pileidis Thomas & Co was established in 1999 being a continuation of the previous company of Pileidis family active in the field of Non-Destructive Testing (N.D.T.) and Post Weld Heat Treatment (P.W.H.T) since 1973.

All these years we have been offering absolute professionalism, service reliability and safety to many construction and energy sectors (Hydro & Thermal Power Plant, gas pipeline, pipelines Stations, pressure vessels, tanks, etc.) having worked with leading companies in Greece (PPC SA, J & P AVAX SA, TERNA ENERGY SA, METKA SA AEGEK CONSTRUCTION SA etc.) achieving great success in the quality of our services and managing to stay on schedule in all our cooperations.

Our constant preoccupation in the field of Non-destructive Testing and Post Weld Heat Treatment for over 4 decades, our experience, reliability, flexibility and know-how of our company's human resources guarantee high quality work and responsibility, placing us among the top European companies in the field.











  • 6 Cars business cars fully equipped for safe transport and correct implementation of the requirements.
  • 1 Mercedes truck for transport of heat treatment equipment with the possibility of processes the film and installed Automatic Film Processor (Kodak M35) for immediate delivery outcomes.
  • 1 Mercedes truck processes the film and installed Automatic Film Processor (Kodak M35) for immediate delivery results locally in the project when needed.
  • 2 Containers fully equipped for transport and installation in long-term projects.
  • 5 Devices G-Ray (Ir-192)
  • 2 Devices G-Ray (Se-75)
  • 1 Device X-Ray panoramic 300KV 5mA
  • 1 Device X-Ray beam directed 200KV 
  • 1 Device X-Ray beam directed 300KV
  • 1 Device X-Ray 6 '' - 18 '' Pipeline Crawler
  • 1 Device X-Ray 12 '' - 26 '' Pipeline Crawler
  • 2 Devices X-Ray 20 '' - 48 '' Pipeline Crawler
  • 3 Thermal treatment machines (annealing) 82KVA with 12 controlled zones & 12 recordings each of WELDOTHERM
  • 2 FlawMike ultrasonic device
  • 4 Ultrasonic thickness gauges
  • 3 Electromagnets of Ferrous-Probe
  • 2 Ultrasonic Hardness Measurements
  • 2 Devices for Insulating Coating Detection
  • 1 XRF device INNOV X SYSTEMS (PMI)
  • 2 Device for vacuum test